Hi! My name is Caitlin and I am a 25-year-old graduate student (studying Musicology). I grew up in the Midwest and consider myself a displaced Midwesterner at heart, since I believe I will be an East-Coaster for life.

Clearly, I still love the Colts!

Clearly, I still love the Colts!

I have always enjoyed writing, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to incorporate it into my life. I decided to start blogging during my first year of graduate school to document my journey to running my first marathon in 2012. That was a hugely rewarding experience, but what began as a journal to keep myself accountable to my running turned into something I loved doing in my spare time. I’ve found out over the past year and a half that my blog reached more people than I thought it did. I received messages from people who I don’t even know very well that said my blog inspired them to try long-distance running. I’d say that my blog was an unintended success!

Rock 'n Roll USA Marathon (March 2012)

Rock ‘n Roll USA Marathon (March 2012)

Since the marathon, I wasn’t sure what direction to take my blog and the stress of graduate school really started to catch up with me. I think when I couldn’t use running long distances as therapy anymore (after a doctor-ordered period of rest) that I lost some of my essential tools for dealing with anxiety and stress. The blog then turned into a variation on all the holistic and healthy-living blogs floating around. Which brings me to the goal of the blog now.

I want to write without a purpose more often than I currently do. I want to write without the pressure of handing in an assignment, writing a term paper, or taking an exam. Many of these musings will be aimless, they will be circular, they may even be boring (*gasp!*), but I want to exercise my brain and my non-scholarly writing chops again.

Glad to see you here!




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